Wish List - Donation Opportunities

We have been immensely blessed to have received donations from individuals, businesses and non-profit organizations over the past five years, as well as by many donations in kind.  We are always appreciative of the support we have been so abundantly blessed with and are always reluctant to ask for help, however, at the request of our parent community, we compiled a list of "wishes", items we would like to be able to provide for the school that we don't have the school budget to support. 

In collaboration with our staff, and based on what the Administration sees as the needs of the school to be, we prioritized it below.  This allows donors to target their money towards something they feel personally drawn towards donating or helping the school acquire.  This Wish List is in no way prioritized, although our TOP wishes are in bold.  If something has already been purchased, it will show up italicized.  If you wish to discuss any of these items, please contact our Principal, Diana Atkinson, datkinson@redeemer.ab.ca

1. An additional set of Google Chromebooks. Currently, we share two sets between students from K-9.  We definitely could use another set, especially in light of the increased recent use of our Google Chromebooks for Live Streaming when students or staff are required to isolate.  Thank you to School Council and to CTR Catholic for making funds available in order for us to purchase these two Google Chromebooks class sets.  

2. Athletic Awards Display Case to showcase the accomplishments of our Athletic Program since our opening - Thank you to our school board for purchasing this for us! 

3. Athletic Team Uniforms for our Junior High Athletic Program. 

4. Outdoor seating areas (picnic tables/ benches) for our students by the playground.  Thank you to CTR Catholic for purchasing and installing these over the summer of 2021! 

5. A prayer/ rock outdoor seating area - rocks, benches, maybe a statue of St. Francis that could be used by a homeroom at a time - A memorial fitting this criterion is being planned to honor the memory of Colton Kikkert, a student who unexpectedly passed away in April 2021.

6. Funding to run the One School One Book initiative - We have secured funding to run this initiative in 2021 via a generous donation from the Swiftsure Foundation - Thank you!  We hope to have the funds to run a similar initiative annually.

7. Subscriptions to school-wide programs such as Raz Kids and AB Exam Bank

8. Classroom sets of manipulatives and personal whiteboards. 

9. Additional funds for Classroom Libraries

10. Additional Sports/ Playground Equipment

11. Class sets of Rosaries for prayer. 

12. Snowshoe or Cross Country Ski sets (storage may be a problem for us here, but the equipment would be very welcome) 

13. An outdoor shed to store additional sports equipment - Thank you to CTR Catholic for purchasing a C-Can for our school storage needs in Summer 2021! 

14. Sensory and Fidget toys (we support this through our school budget as well) 

15. A sound board for running assemblies (currently not running under Covid regulations) 

16. Any donations to help with the repayment of our Playground loan, which currently sits around $124 000.   - Thank you to CTR for paying off the balance of our playground in January 2021 via a grant they received.  We are so grateful!