Dedicate A Room

Be a part of STF's legacy... Dedicate a Room!

We are pleased to share with you what was St. Francis of Assisi Academy's very first fundraising campaign, the “Dedicate a Room" campaign, with all proceeds going towards the repayment of our playground!  Our playground (including the Junior High Sports Court and the smaller playground on the South Side of St. Francis) cost in excess of a half million dollars to build. New school building envelopes do not include money for playgrounds, and St. Francis did not qualify for two different government playground grant initiatives, due to the time the school was built. As such, we counted on our parent community support, via MANY fundraisers and donations, in order to build the playground prior to having the money to pay for it, so that students could enjoy it right away rather than wait years to fund it. We have done an amazing job of paying for our playground, at the present time, we still have about $100,000 to pay back on an interest free loan.

A little more information about this campaign:

You are invited to name one of the rooms at St. Francis of Assisi Academy!  This fundraising campaign is a tradition that has been adopted by all of the new schools in our school division; it is a great way to contribute to the faith life of the school, support the school's fundraising efforts and be a part of the legacy of the St. Francis of Assisi community, long after children graduate to their next school. 

You can select which room you would like to dedicate and a Patron Saint's name. For some examples of Saint's names see below or for a complete list visit 

You are also welcome to include an inscription for your dedication (in honor of, in memory of, or dedicated to).  A marker will be placed above the room with the Saint's name and your inscription. 

A tax deductible donation receipt will be issued for each contribution.

The amount of the room donations ranges from $1,000 to $15,000 dollars, but please feel free to give as much as you feel that you can. 

Rooms are available on a first come, first served basis, and only become officially "yours" when payment is complete.  Multiple donors can combine donation amounts and share a room dedication.  For instance, the Gym is currently posted for a $15,000 donation - this could be shared by a number of donors, and individual plaques will be posted for each business or individual donation. 

Final approval of room names is at the discretion of STF's Principal. Mrs. Atkinson will ensure that no duplication of Saint names occurs and will contact you via email to confirm your room, name and donation amount.   Payment is required prior to approval. 

Thank you for supporting St. Francis of Assisi Academy!!

To access the Dedicate a Room Interest Form, please click on this link:

For further information, please contact our Principal, Diana Atkinson by email or by phone 587-757-8702