Catholic Learning Communities

Every Friday afternoon, St. Francis staff meets for Professional Development and Faith Formation through what we call Catholic Learning Communities.  The overarching goal of Catholic Learning Communities, CLC’s, is to work collaboratively in order to improve student achievement.  Teachers collaborate for 75 minutes each Friday afternoon in order to stay on top of the latest research in education, best teaching practices, and vertical and grade level goals that support the goals of the school and those of our division. 

These gatherings always begin with prayer and regularly focus on faith formation for our staff.   This format for professional development also reduces the amount of days that students are away from our building, which creates minimal disruption to learning for them and ensures continuity of instruction is always maintained.  This format also helps parents to have a predictable routine for reasons such as childcare, etc. 

In February, the week of the Family Day long weekend, our staff participates in two days of faith formation organized by CTR Catholic Schools and two days of Professional Development.