Athletics at SFA

At St. Francis of Assisi Academy, we are blessed to have dedicated staff as well as parents and community coaches that offer opportunities for students to be involved in Athletics.  We work in conjunction with the Alberta School’s Athletic Association ASAA in order to provide opportunities for team sports at the school.  

St. Francis of Assisi Academy strives to promote respectful behaviour in all our extracurricular sports activities by student-athletes, parents, spectators, and coaches. Participating student-athletes must agree to abide by the following Code of Conduct:

  1. Offer constructive support to your team, rather than criticize the opposition.
  2. Show appreciation of good plays by both teams.
  3. As a host school, welcome the visitors and guests, offering all possible assistance.
  4. As a visitor, respect the property and regulations of the host school.
  5. Recognize the integrity of the officials, respecting the difficulty of their decisions.
  6. Accept the officials’ decisions as final.
  7. Respect the feelings of all participants and show empathy for an injured or disqualified player.
  8. Learn the rules of the sport.
  9. Accept victory or defeat graciously, respecting the efforts made by all.
  10. Express thanks to those responsible for the opportunity to enjoy a school sports activity.
  11. Represent our school well through both your dress and behaviour and understand that if you are not in good standing with the school, your opportunity to participate in athletics may be revoked.

If student-athletes do not comply in any way with the above Code of Conduct, they may be suspended or removed from our school teams. Parents of students and spectators of extra-curricular sports activities also need to comply with the above Code of Conduct or they may be removed from any athletic venue.

St. Francis of Assisi Academy’ Athletic Director is Mr. Michael Annicchiarico.  Parents can contact Mr. Annicchiarico directly by calling the school or emailing him at