Student Discipline and Expectations

Student Conduct and Discipline

At St. Francis of Assisi Academy, we hold ourselves and our students to the highest standards of conduct and discipline.  Whether on school grounds or outside the school walls, our students are STF’s ambassadors to the greater community, thus our expectation is that students represent themselves and our school with utmost integrity, in both words and actions. This expectation is true in our classroom and school shared spaces, as well as at community and sporting events, field trips and any school related function.  In all interactions, students are encouraged to show true character, compassion and integrity, and show respect, acceptance, and kindness to all. 

In terms of discipline, we use a school wide, restorative approach; in other words, we discipline with love and compassion, understanding that challenges are opportunities for growth and learning, and always seeking to maintain the inherent dignity of all children.  We want to ensure that all students feel safe and cared for in our school and will go to great lengths to ensure that happens.  When students make mistakes and do not treat others the way they should, we work together and try to restore the peace that once existed as well as restore the relationship that was harmed.  This begins in the classroom with teachers encouraging resolution through collaborative problem solving, and, depending on the nature of the behavior, a situation may be escalated to require intervention by Administration.  In all cases, we begin by helping students understand their mistake and the harm that was done, understand the impact of their actions on themselves and others, and work to restore the relationships with the parties affected, where harm was done. If subsequent incidents occur, students will find themselves in a discipline cycle where escalating consequences will be given. 

For more information about our discipline process, please see CTR’s Administrative Procedure on Student Conduct and Discipline Process.


All St. Francis of Assisi Academy students are expected to contribute to a school environment that is welcoming, safe and caring, and respectful, an environment that respects diversity and fosters a sense of inclusion and belonging for all.  Several factors make up the criteria for bullying:

  • repeated hostile or demeaning behavior,
  • behavior intended to cause harm, fear or emotional distress to another member of our school,
  • physical, psychological, or harm to an individual’s reputation, and
  • any action that demeans or humiliates another member of our school. 

The most common types of bullying we encounter are verbal, social, physical and cyber bullying.  Our staff and Administration will treat every incident of bullying seriously. Without bias, and in a fair manner, our Administration will thoroughly investigate any bullying incident, and consequences will be determined by taking into consideration the nature of the incident, whether it is a repeated offense, and the gravity of the action.  Administration will always contact parents as well as inform teachers of the students involved, whenever a bullying incident is investigated.

We encourage students to communicate incidents of bullying to a trusted adult and to our school staff.  Being a by-stander to any bullying event is not helpful; by telling a trusted adult, students will help maintain a safe and caring environment at our school.  For more information, please see CTR’s Administrative Procedure on Anti-Bullying.

Dress Code for Students

With respect to our core values of permeating faith in all areas of our life, and given that student dress is a reflection of our values, we expect students to be courteous and respectful when it comes to dressing and grooming within our school learning environment.  Students should dress in a comfortable manner that allows them to interact and learn in our school in a way that takes into account modesty (not wearing overly revealing clothing), and appropriateness for the school setting (nothing that would detract from the learning environment or that include messages that are unacceptable).   

As well, we expect students to dress appropriately for PE classes, including bringing appropriate indoor shoes, as well as dressing appropriately for the weather and for transportation to and from school.  Lastly, at STF, we have a long-standing tradition of dressing in our “Sunday best” when attending celebrations and observances such as Masses, Liturgies, Remembrance Day Ceremonies, etc.  Staff will always treat all students with outmost dignity and love when explaining dress code concerns. Please direct any questions regarding dress code to Administration.  

For more information, please see CTR’s Administrative Procedure on Dress Code for Students.

Cell Phone Use

Unless students have permission from their teachers to use their cell phones or personal electronic devices during instructional time, students are not to use these devices while at school. At all times, students are to store their cell phones or devices in their backpacks (or lockers, when locker use is reinstated), out of sight and on silent mode. 

This year, for junior high students, we made a concession to allow students to use their cell phones or devices appropriately while eating lunch; at all other times they are to store their devices away, in order to both foster relationships and face to face communication, as well as to minimize disruptions during learning.  Misuse of cell phones at school will result in the phone or personal electronic device being confiscated and brought to Administration to be returned to the student or the parent at the end of the school day.

For elementary students, we ask that all valuable items such as cell phones or other electronic devices be left at home. 

Students are free to use our school phones anytime they need to be in touch with their parents, and we ask all parents to call our school office anytime they wish to leave a message for their child. 

Our school is not responsible for any damage to, or theft of student cell phones or personal devices.

Responsible Use of Technology

As members of Christ the Redeemer Catholic Schools, we believe that we are all created in the image and likeness of Christ and therefore the words, images and activities we engage in, both in person and online, must reflect the values of our faith as well as our societal laws.  All technology, whether divisional or personally owned, must be used in responsible ways.  Below are guiding principles of how students demonstrate Responsible Use of Technology.

All Students Must: 

Respect and Protect the Privacy of Self and Others

  • use only your assigned account 
  • keep your account and password private
  • only post photos and data of others with permission
  • keep private the address and phone number of yourself and others

Respect And Protect Electronic Resources.  

  • use technology resources, including bandwidth, file space and printers for school related work
  • do not alter or damage hardware and software 

Respect and Protect the Intellectual Property of Others 

  • obey copyright laws
  • reference the work of others

Respect and Practice the Principles of a Safe and Caring School Community

  • communicate only in ways that are kind and respectful. 
  • report threatening or discomforting materials to a teacher
  • Do not intentionally request, access, transmit, copy, create or download materials that are sexual, threatening, hate-based, rude, discriminatory or meant to harass.       

Respect Our Learning Environment by Practicing Technology Etiquette 

  • place electronics in silent mode during instructional and other school activities
  • use technology at appropriate times
  • use technology at times determined by school staff
  • ensure that technology does not distract you and others from school work

Christ the Redeemer Catholic Schools uses internet-filtering software in addition to teacher supervision to reduce the likelihood of students accessing inappropriate internet sites. In the event a student inadvertently accesses an inappropriate internet site, he / she must advise the supervising teacher of the inadvertent access. 

Consequences for Improper Use 

Any breach of the Conditions and Rules for Use will result in disciplinary actions and may result in but is not limited to: 
restricted technology use

  • restricted network access 
  • loss of network access 
  • disciplinary action as outlined in the Student Code of Conduct
  • legal action, if criminal in nature