Homework Expectations

At St. Francis of Assisi Academy, our philosophy is that homework is an essential tool that helps reinforce skills and concepts learned at school. Homework can take place in many ways; reading, reviewing, making notes, engaging in additional practice, answering questions, working on projects, solving problems, etc.   We also understand that students have commitments outside of school as well as the need to spend time with their families.  As such, our teachers will use their excellent professional judgement in the type and volume of homework that they assign to each student that takes into account their needs as well as age level. 

Literacy and numeracy are pivotal to all areas of learning, so even if no formal homework is assigned, we would like to ask all students to read for a minimum of 20 minutes each evening.  Teachers will also communicate due dates of major projects and assessments via their Google Classrooms or whatever communication system they set up with each student and parent at the beginning of the year.