Attendance Matters

To report absences, lates or student appointments, please call the school directly, 587-757-8702 or email

The most important thing a student can do (and a parent can support) to ensure success in school is to have regular attendance in every one of his/her classes.  Each day, direct teacher instruction occurs on curriculum aligned, high level topics; being taught in a traditional classroom setting by one of our excellent teachers is never the same as getting the notes outside of class time, or simply completing missed assignments.  There are activities and discussions that occur in classes that simply cannot be replicated, and there are curriculum objectives that can only be achieved through participation.  Teaching is a dynamic process; we often refine our practice, review, reteach, and re-assess based on formative assessment and information we gather during your child’s participation in class.

We understand and respect that some absences are out of your control (i.e. illness or death of a loved one, or a special family circumstance).  However, as educators, we must be honest and upfront: planned absences have a negative educational impact that we cannot control, and we want to ensure you are aware of the impact. Ultimately, we will always respect your decisions.  Thank you, in advance, for supporting students to aim for highest attendance levels.

In terms of late arrival to school, we understand that, occasionally, things beyond your control prevent students from arriving to school on time.  However, students who arrive late to school consistently, interfere with the learning of others as well as their own.  It is the responsibility of students and parents to ensure that tardiness does not become an issue and that students arrive to school and to class on time.  Habitual tardiness or unexcused absenteeism will be addressed by Administration in every circumstance.  We love our students and we want to see their smiling faces at St. Francis every single day!