At St. Francis of Assisi Academy, we want to provide students with the opportunity to express their talents and learn in a variety of different areas of interest.  Since the opening of our school, we have built our option programs at the Junior High Level by taking advantage of our teacher’s areas of expertise as well as by consulting with our students about their interests and areas they would like to learn more about. 

At St. Francis of Assisi Academy, all students in Gr. 7 – 9 rank their options in order, and although we can’t guarantee they will always receive their choices, Administration always tries, and builds the schedule around the student’s number of requests.  Options at St. Francis are semestered, with Concert Band running the duration of the school year.  Below are our current complementary course offerings:

Hockey - An opportunity for students to discover ice hockey as a recreational opportunity. Learn the skills, rules, and teamwork of hockey in a safe, fun, no pressure environment. A full set of protective hockey gear is required. You do not have to own the equipment, it can be borrowed.  There is a cost associated with this option to subsidize the cost of the ice time that the school would need to pay.  Cost to be determined.

Concert Band - This option is for students who possess an eagerness to learn a concert band instrument. Instrument training and basic musicianship will be the main objectives of this course. Students will have the choice of brass, woodwind or percussion instruments. The class is designed as a “hands-on” class. Young musicians will learn how to play different rhythm and pitches together as a band as well as is a full year course.

French as a Second Language - Would you like to learn another language? Why not French? In this course, students develop oral and written communication skills. Games, skits and projects are used to master vocabulary.

Art - Are you interested in the fine arts or do you have a flair for design and color? Fine arts and design are an important part of the world we live in. Within the art program, you will learn how to use different media and techniques to communicate your ideas and thoughts in an artistic way, regardless of experience or skill level. The fine arts program is built around three main concepts: Drawing, Painting, and Sculpture.

Drama - Ever dreamt about acting? In Drama, students learn to take risks and build confidence through improvisation. You will work independently and in small groups to express yourself creatively.

Foods - Are you the next Master Chef? Do you like learning from cooking shows? Students in Foods will be developing an appreciation for nutritious food along with kitchen safety, reading recipes and creating simple meals, but best of all, you will get to make food and eat it!

Information Processing - Would you like to learn about computer software or improve your typing skills? How about creating engaging digital presentations? Information Processing helps students relate their computer skills to real life applications using various computer software.

Media - Are you very confident in working with computers and wish to challenge yourself to use your creativity and problem solving skills in photography, print and audiovisual applications? Then Media is the course for you!

PE Plus - The focus of this sport option will be to provide students with a variety of aerobic activities/games and challenges that may not be offered as part of the regular physical education program. By offering this option, students will have FUN; they will improve FITNESS and FAIR PLAY. This option will incorporate off site activities as well, such as bouldering, bowling, golf, etc.   There is a cost associated with this option. Typically students are asked to pay for a portion of the off campus activity fees and the school budget subsidizes the rest and pays for transportation.  Cost to be determined and is dependent on how businesses will run post Covid-19.

Learning Strategies - In the Learning Strategies option class, students can access a variety of learning skills for academic growth. Students will be guided through lessons, which encourage self-monitoring of their current study habits as well as instruction in specific areas such as motivation, remembering information, time management, test taking strategies, and concentration. Additionally, students will have time for course specific academic support and homework completion based on their individual needs. Students will be able to access help in all core subject areas.

Wellness - Do you feel stressed out sometimes? In this course, we will explore ideas and activities that contribute to your overall wellness such as preparing healthy meals, relaxation techniques, sleep hygiene, gratitude and prayer, mindfulness, acts of service, time management and balance, healthy relationships, and many other facets of living a healthy, happy life!

Creative Writing - “Creativity is intelligence having fun” - Albert Einstein. Do you wish you had more time to create and write? Do you have ideas that you would like to develop into stories, poems, comic books, screenplays, poems, songs, or novels? This option will go deeper in exploring the habits of effective writers and help you tap into what is your heart and mind through writing exercises, exploring mentor text, and peer sharing. This class will help to nurture, develop ideas, and provide inspiration to writers.

Enterprise and Innovation - Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur? Do you have a great idea for a business that you would like to run but you are not sure where to start? In this option, learn how to brainstorm and research potential business ideas, get financing (Shark Tank style), design your product and advertise it, manage your company, and operate your very own business.

World History - St. Francis’ World History option will look at major historical occurrences that go beyond the Junior High Social Studies curriculum. We will delve deep into topics like WWI, WWII, the Cold War, 9/11 and many other major 20th and 21st century world events. We will also get the opportunity to look at some amazing documentaries and media that will allow students to better make sense of how these events continue to shape our lives today.

Spanish - Students will be introduced to the core concepts of the Spanish language, including written and spoken. Students will learn the basics of conversation in various situations. In addition, students will learn about Spanish culture, including festivals, traditions, food, music, gestures, symbols, etc.

Outdoor Education - Outdoor Education will provide basic knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for safe, comfortable outdoor experiences in all seasons. Students will learn awareness and appreciation of living things and understanding of basic ecological processes while demonstrating skills, judgment, confidence and sensitivity in a wide range of environmentally responsible activities in outdoor settings. Students will also develop lifestyle strategies that foster contact with the natural world, encourage responsibility for local and global environments and encourage living in harmony with others.